Journal Research Publication plugin makes it really easy for you to setup your own journal site.  Take a look at the pages listed in the menu to see the features that this plugin allows for the authors who want to submit their articles.

Introducing New Features

Version 2.0

Journal Research Publication - Reviewer Functions

Reviewer’s Features

  • Reviewer’s Registration Page
  • Reviewer User Features
    • View list of Article(s)
    • Check & Verify Article Credibility
    • Submit Review for Article(s)

Admin Features

  • View list of Reviewer Users
  • Reviewer Registration Request Approvals
  • Review & Approve Submitted Review(s)
  • Review Submission at Admin side
  • Remove improper Review(s)

Author Features

  • Complete Review Details in Check Article Status Page
  • New Email Notifications on Submission of Review by Reviewer(s)